Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Adoba Acrobat Issue

Error:Missing PDF Maker files
      Do you want to run the installtion in repair mode
                    Solution: Enable PDFMakerOfficeAddin from the Microsoft Office application’s Disabled Items list.
Open the Microsoft Office program (Word, Excel, Publisher, or PowerPoint).
Click the Office button, then click the [application name] Options button.
Click Add-Ins.
From the Manage dropdown list select Disabled Items and click Go.
Check the list for PDFMakerOfficeAddin:
If it is listed, then select it and click Enable. Close all dialog boxes and restart the Office application
If it is not listed, then make sure that PDFMOfficeAddin.dll is located in the ‘…/Program Files/Adobe/Acrobat 8.0/PDFMaker/Office’ folder. If the file is missing, then reinstall Acrobat.
Note: Microsoft Office Applications disable add-ins as a failsafe if the application is prematurely closed (for example, if the system wasn’t shut off properly or the application crashed).